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Zorgeloos genieten tijdens de feestdagen dankzij zuiverende luchtreinigers

Enjoy peace of mind during holidays with air purifiers

Since the beginning of the epidemic, we are spending more time at home and constantly urge to ensure that the indoor air is clean. The message is that there is adequate ventilation for your home, and effective ventilation is also critical. But did you know that air purifiers also play a very important role in this matter. Especially now that the holidays are approaching and we are sitting around the table with family members in a healthy and safe place. Therefore, you have to rely on Daikin air purifiers. It provides cleaner, healthier and cleaner air. Safety first and optimum comfort guaranteed!

Why is air purification so important?

Viruses, bacteria, and allergens spread through the air. Without realizing it, you are breathing unhealthy air, putting you at risk of getting sick. It is therefore important to keep indoor air as clean as possible. You can do this with ventilation and ventilation, and for the best effect, also by purifying the air with effective air purifiers.

An air purifier is an additional device that provides healthy indoor air in homes by removing chemicals, odors, viruses, pollen, and allergens, among other things.

How do Daikin air purifiers work?

Daikin air purifiers not only remove dust particles, allergens and pollen from the air, but are also very effective in fighting the Covid-19 virus. In order to reduce the transmission of these virus particles as much as possible, the aerosol, which virologists often talk about, must be removed from the air. But how do you get it out? A specific type of filter, called a HEPA filter, traps virus particles. Combined with the patented Daikin Flash Streamer technology, it crashes. So you can sleep on your ears. Daikin air purifiers are very effective: they kill 99.98% of the human HCoV-229E virus and 99.93% of the H1N1 virus, which causes the common flu, after 2.5 minutes. This was also confirmed by the French laboratory Institut Pasteur de Lille. So the risk of spreading such viruses is greatly reduced thanks to these devices.

Moisturizing for ultimate comfort

In addition to unclean air, dry air can be a problem in your home, especially in the winter months. In addition to clean air, your home also needs the right humidity level for optimal indoor comfort. That’s why the Daikin MCK55W Air Purifier comes with a small water tank to humidify the air in your home when it’s too dry.

Stylish and calm design for any interior

Thanks to the elegant design of Daikin air purifiers, they fit into any interior and any space. Compact, lightweight and quiet, you can place these devices anywhere you see fit. Whether in the living room, bedroom or home office.

More information?

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