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ESOteric, the Gamekings Elder Scroll talk show, Part 4

ESOteric, the Gamekings Elder Scroll talk show, Part 4

This talk show is made possible in part by Bethesda. All opinions expressed in this video are our own. Bethesda has no say in the content and watch the video for the first time here on the site, just like you.

Welcome to a brand new version of ESOteric. The talk show it’s all about, you guessed it, Elder Scrolls Online. This time we will tell you all about the future of this MMO game. How we tested Thursday’s presentation when, among other things New DLC called High Isle been introduced? Do we know that area? Are we looking forward to it? Jelle, Daan and a special guest guide you through everything in ESOteric Part 4.

On High Isle we will enter Breton lands.

As we now know, we still have to wait half a year (July) before we start the next chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online. High Isle is a Breton area. The region had never appeared in The Elder Scrolls games before. This raises curiosity. High Isle is a large group of islands, including Honduras and Aminos. And these are the two islands we’ll see in the game in the summer. But more were announced on Thursday. Much more….

ESOterisch also has a special guest

In this ESOteric, as always, we have a full list of activities to complete. This is how we will create a new character with the viewers. What will happen? A man or a woman? So we look back at Bethesda’s show The High Isle and talk about last year when we mostly walked through Oblivion. We do this with a special guest. See and hear this and more All in ESOteric No. 4.

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