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Ethereum is going to the moon!  - BTC Live

Ethereum is going to the moon! – BTC Live

On July 3, SpaceX will launch an Ethereum node to the International Space Station (ISS). This historic milestone marks the first time an Ethereum node has been sent into space, and it’s a great feat for the cryptocurrency.

SpaceChain says they contracted with SpaceX to deliver the node to the International Space Station via a Falcon 9 rocket.

Fourth payload

This is the fourth time SpaceChain has launched anything related to blockchain and crypto into space. Nexcus will install the node. In addition, SpaceX will also use its Falcon 9 rocket for another flight to the International Space Station on June 24, with three onboard nodes built for Biteeu, Divine and Nexus Inc.

SpaceChain on launch: β€œThis will be the fourth launch of the SpaceChain blockchain payload into space and the first demonstration of integrating Ethereum technology into its hardware on the International Space Station. The mission is made possible thanks to Nanoracks and a space law agreement with NASA.”

Verify transactions from ISS

Program launch EthereumThe -Node marks an exciting time for popular cryptocurrencies, highlighting the possible integration of the real world (and the outside world) with Ethereum. Ethereum nodes are managed by individuals, also known as contract operators.

A node is used to verify transactions for each Ethereum block, maintain network security and ensure data accuracy. Node integration on the ISS means SpaceChain customers can use the Ethereum blockchain for anything they want, such as holding coins, as well as dapps.

Elon Musk is Polariserend

For those who don’t know, SpaceX belongs to Elon Musk. He tweeted about Bitcoin on Friday, and immediately a file BTC rate. In this regard, conflicting signals are coming from South Africa. He has been very critical of the energy consumption of bitcoin mining, but fortunately he is open to criticism. At least, he talks about it with Michael Saylor and some American miners, among others.

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The launch of the Ethereum node also shows that he has a genuine interest in developing the cryptocurrency. In addition, its auto subsidiary, Tesla, still owns 90% of the previously purchased bitcoin, despite the drop in prices.