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EU lends fighter jets to Ukraine

EU lends fighter jets to Ukraine

Russian fighter plane. © BELGAIMAGE

The European Union will provide 450 million euros worth of arms to Ukraine. Part of that promise: lending fighter jets.

It is the first time in its history that the European Union as a whole funds arms to a country under attack. This amounted to 450 million euros. Earlier, it became known that Belgium will send five thousand machine guns and two hundred anti-tank weapons.

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The head of European Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, clarified on Sunday evening that the military support could also consist of aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force. Borrell says there have already been talks about this with Ukraine’s foreign minister. They have already discussed specifically what type of aircraft the military needs, and which member states can provide this type.

“Let’s hope the EU has a very robust plan for dealing with escalation,” International Relations Professor Jonathan Holslag (VUB) says in response to Twitter. “I have nothing against support, but only if we (EU/NATO) are prepared for possible next steps in escalation. The risk of getting bogged down in it is growing.”

Member States that do not want to be involved in supplying lethal weapons will not be obligated to do so. They may also contribute in the form of non-lethal aid, Burrell says. (CBA)