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EU to start consultation in 2023 to let tech companies pay for network – IT Pro – News

A large group of coaches do not want to understand that the entire Internet is dependent on shared infrastructure

This is absolutely irrelevant, I’m not taking anything “from the whole internet”.
I buy something from a provider, and that provider says they will offer 1 gigabit unlimited.

And sharing isn’t that bad per se, until you break it down so much that you start complaining if someone starts using <1% of what was sold.

No one will be able to provide you with a guaranteed 1 gigabit pipe to connect to the internet

So you don’t think selling a line that doesn’t practically reach 10Mbit as a 1Gbit line is a problem?

The problem is mainly with large streaming services, which if necessary want to raise money directly from the subscriber without having to pay anything to the local provider, which often has an excellent infrastructure for (live) video distribution.

Which provider do you work for?
Netflix offers simply Open Connect or similar, where you can simply dump your Netflix traffic as a provider.
You just want the provider to pay 2x for each piece of data.

But no, they want us to keep broadcasting over the public internet until it’s full everywhere and then all of a sudden the fault is on everyone except the bad companies themselves.

The unwanted software provider only allows you to stream online, and the regular provider doesn’t suffer from that.

But the customer does not ask for this nonsense. He just wants to make a movie, his goal is not to generate traffic.. 99% don’t even know about it.

In other words, according to you, the customer must know that the provider’s ads are outright lies and how that technically works, but the customer does not understand that if he has to connect a box to the Internet it also runs online. ..
different thinking …

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Especially since the customer is asking for data, so you can say the customer is asking for this “bullshit” (although you might be wondering how unreasonable it is to want to use 1% of an unlimited service)

Content companies are making billions of dollars in profits so you can miss them.

This is not a solution, you obviously don’t really understand the problem.
The problem is not a distribution problem, the problem is a capacity problem.
Let’s say there are 100Mbits of cable and 50Mbits of that used by these six parties (and the providers have sold 100bits to customers)
Then you can make these 6 companies pay for 50Mbit (only this is not a solution because that would be 7, 8 etc. This is an untenable situation, or you allow everyone to pay or just the customer)
You just do not solve the real problem, because 100 megabytes is simply not enough, everything on the Internet is getting bigger and bigger.

Let’s say you’ve now got all the streaming providers on VOD services as you want (all providers should first put in proper apps instead of the bad ones they have now, anyway).
Then you have 50MB of these streaming services for free again, congratulations after a year or something that will simply be full again, only then you will not have 6 large companies, but millions of smaller companies.
The game update is nowadays also only 40 + gigabit, do you have a playstation or xbox, the game is only 40 + gigabit and updates again, the html page can be expressed in bytes, nowadays it is enough only many sites (not to mention pictures).

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Providers are betting that they can go crazy with conversions and that the customer will simply use 0%, allowing them to sell more and more without buying anything extra.
Now it turns out that they made a mistake and that their business model is corrupt.

The problem is very simple:
Suppliers have been selling a growing product for years, and they can’t even save 1% anymore. And service providers will howl if people want to use it.
But in the meantime, providers are busy setting up 10Gb and above, which is practically impossible to deliver 0.1%, and they don’t think this is a problem. They just start howling again than when people use them.