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Even when Vertonghen shows compassion... Anderlecht are ahead of pathetic RWDM

Even when Vertonghen shows compassion… Anderlecht are ahead of pathetic RWDM

How much easier could it be? A bus journey of less than ten minutes. Change clothes, warm up, start the match and be sure to win after 20 minutes. The Brussels derby between RWDM and Anderlecht was not a real match at all. RWDM was nowhere to be seen, and Anderlecht took advantage… Health March!

Didn't the Frenchman Bruno Earles intend to create an organization in the RWDM? Isn't that what he was drawn to after Claudio Casappa left? Well, there were little signs of that. That defense of the people of Molenbeek… is disastrous. This also gets you into trouble against Challenger Pro League teams.

There is a real chance that it will come to that. What RWDM showed defensively against Anderlecht was nothing short of disastrous. After 11 minutes the Purple & White were awarded a corner kick. Dreyer ran out of the suit to go for the ball and no one thought to follow it up.

Dumb and dumber

He was released in favor of Struijkens – who was also allowed to play freely – and Vertonghen had to run at the ball. Even the cadets do better. Five minutes later, goalkeeper Defourny felt he had to test his defense again and gave the ball to Dreyer.

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The Dane – who everyone knows is only left-footed – was allowed to place the ball well, look and shoot freely into the goal. 0-2 and the match was over before it even started. What happened behind the scenes at Edmund Machtens Stadium this season… you might as well write a book about it.

Even Vertonghen felt sorry

These winter transfers do not provide any added value. On half an hour the score was 0-3 after Sousa committed an alleged foul on Vertonghen. Very stupid, because Vertonghen was about to exit the sixteen. But the defender himself seems to suggest that no mistake has been committed. It's bad when the opponent actually shows pity…

But LaForge relentlessly pointed to the penalty kick and the VAR proved him right. This wasn't even a practice match. Hopefully Anderlecht will get more opposition from Zulte Waregem just before the qualifiers. Although it's really not that difficult. The free-ball wizard who put in a pre-match performance would have achieved more.

Energy saving

The second half was a waste of time. Anderlecht created several opportunities easily, but was unable to exploit them. RWDM had a good idea for Kamara, but Schmeichel also remained firm.

Anderlecht played football with the handbrake on throughout the entire second half. Victory was never in danger and it seemed like they didn't want to waste so much energy anymore. A training match like this would be boring if there weren't more goals…

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