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Evenpole responds to Eddie Merckx's criticism: 'I respect him a lot, but it's clearly not mutual' |  World Cycling Championship 2021

Evenpole responds to Eddie Merckx’s criticism: ‘I respect him a lot, but it’s clearly not mutual’ | World Cycling Championship 2021

cycling world championshipA striking moment at Evenepoel and colleagues’ press conference in the lead-up to .’s supreme moment cycling world championshipSunday road trip. There, Evenpoel countered Eddie Merckx’s statement that suggested Evenpoel might not be in this World Cup pick because he considers Remko’s chance to serve Van Aert small.


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Evenepoel: “It’s always a thing. He (Eddie Merckx, editor) always has to say something. And that’s a shame. I have a lot of respect for him, but it’s clearly not mutual. Maybe it’s still bad because I don’t race with his son’s team. It’s a shame To say it before such an important moment. I don’t care much about it, but it’s a shame. I look up to him in terms of palms and his accomplishments, but there are always comments. Pity. We are doing our best, I’m not here to cheat on selection or something.”


Wout for measurement guides is the ideal scenario. But at the moment nothing can be predicted.


Merckx has been very strict with Evenepoel in the press. “If there is only one leader, you should not take Evenbol with you,” said the cycling champion. “He’s basically driving himself, and we’ve seen that at the Olympics.”

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Eddie Mercks. © Photo News

A Dutch journalist also asked Evenbühl if he could become a world champion. Remco waved it at once. “Am I a world champion? Next question.” And then Eevenpole: “We have one plan. You never know in the race, but that’s not the plan we’re going to show up in the beginning. Divide the roles? We’ll see in a couple of days. We really don’t know anything yet except that we have one leader at the end.” Ultimately we have to do everything for him. Moreover, no one knows his real role. (laughs) Maybe outside of Tim (Declercq, editor)”. General fun ensues. “Wout to Meet Guides is the perfect scenario. But at the moment nothing can be predicted. It’s a long path with a few climbs along the way. What can play to our advantage is the support of many fans along the track.”



“Whether Belgium have the strongest team in the World Cup?” was asked Evenbeuel, who won the bronze medal on Sunday. hesitation for a long time. “Yes and no Are you sure? Yes, because we are all men we can win, but the others still have a serious mass,” concluded Remko, who said he is not bothered by stress and that he is currently feeling fine. “Maybe better than I was before my fall. That removes a lot of anxiety.”

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