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Expedition presenter Robinson shares photos of my skin disease: 'I could be there too'

Expedition presenter Robinson shares photos of my skin disease: ‘I could be there too’

Geraldine Kemper next to Bartel van Riet during the Robinson expedition.

Geraldine Kemper, 31-year-old Dutch show host for Robinson, has made herself vulnerable on Instagram. She shared a photo showing what psoriasis does to her skin.

A black and white photo of her bare back quickly reveals what her psoriasis is. The 31-year-old presenter has dry red patches. “Insecure. Angry. Itching. Scratching. Pain. Snow. Leopard. Spots. Spots. Dalmatian: Psoriasis. I hate it, but it’s part of me too.” She had a professional photographer capture the disease. “This time I wanted to pick her up and cuddle her. Also show that side of myself, because that’s how I can be there too.”

Psoriasis is an incurable autoimmune disease that causes red or dry patches that can sometimes itch. Sometimes the spots disappear, but they return if the disease breaks out. The causative factors are stress, infection or the use of medications. The condition is not contagious. An estimated 300,000 Belgians suffer from it.

Kemper’s followers encourage her with complimenting reactions. “What a wonderful and honest picture and how dare you show yourself in this way. You are beautiful!” “Hard you dare to be so weak! You are amazing!”, another wrote.

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