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Extending the permit of non-profit organizations gives space to forming parties

Extending the permit of non-profit organizations gives space to forming parties

The Hague (ANP) – Outgoing State Secretary Fleur Greber said it was up to the House of Representatives to decide what to do with the Public Broadcasting Organization's (NPO) licence. But the minister stresses that “if the formed parties want something with the non-profits, the best way is to extend it now. Because then you will save time to actually come up with a new bill.”

Last week, it was leaked that the Cabinet does not intend to grant a new license to the non-profit, but Graber notes that it is essentially presenting its options to the House of Representatives. Today, the Cabinet will take a formal decision in the Cabinet in response to the Van Geel Commission on the future of the system. The committee recommends reducing the number of broadcasters to six. It is known that the formed parties PVV, VVD, NSC and BBB want to tamper with the National Organization of Non-Profit Organizations.

In De Telegraaf, the BBB and VVD complained that the government's intention was to give these parties less space “to make public broadcasting future-proof.” But according to Graeber, this is not the case. The two-year extension after the permit expires in 2026 actually provides scope for careful delivery of interventions. The Minister stresses that after all, the bill cannot simply be passed by both chambers. The formed parties, in turn, find it annoying that they are unable to make any amendments during this ministerial period.

The House of Representatives, where the four parties together have a large majority, could ultimately decide on the matter, Graeber says.

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