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Extreme heat wave destroys southwestern United States: ‘Las Vegas, 45 degrees’ | Abroad

The National Weather Service has warned of extreme heat in some states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Colorado. The temperature there may rise above 38 degrees Celsius.

“Extremely hot conditions will last until Saturday and will gradually cool down next week. Be careful as the heat can kill! The most important thing is that you drink regularly, never leave children or pets in a hot car,” the meteorological agency tweeted.

Temperature records have already been broken in Salt Lake City, Palm Springs and elsewhere, with Phoenix hovering above 47 degrees Celsius on Friday. Hannah Knight, a 20-year-old employee of the Coronado coffee shop in Phoenix, said, “It’s pathetic, you wouldn’t leave your house without it.”

The restaurant has an outdoor dining area, but “when it gets to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (above 43 degrees Celsius), there’s no way to change it comfortably,” Knight said.

Temperature recordings are expected in several cities, including Las Vegas, where mercury could rise above 45 degrees.

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