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Face ID on iPhone 14 Pro just got a lot better thanks to this change

New year also means new Iphone. And while there is a file iPhone 13The models are only a few months old, and reports about these next-generation iPhones come up almost weekly. Also today: An acquaintance claims that Face ID will be different in iPhone 14 forefront.

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Say goodbye to the slit

For the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple is likely to make a noticeable change. According to a message from the delicious celebrity Dylan DKT The hardware used in Face ID will move below the screen, making the sensors invisible. This may not sound groundbreaking, but the change has big implications.

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What is remarkable is that the “degree” will also disappear. This is the top of the iPhone screen and houses the Face ID, among other things, which is unnecessary if the sensors become invisible. Not everyone is so happy about it, so the change will be a win-win for many iPhone fans.

But if the notch disappears, what happens to the selfie camera? This was also taken into account: DylanDKT claims that there will be an elongated pill-shaped hole at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro display. Older posts claim to be “holeIn other words, a round hole. So it remains to be seen which options it will be. But it looks like the selfie camera will at least sit in the screen

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From the camera to Face ID – all the iPhone 14 (Pro) rumors

This is definitely not the first rumor about iPhone 14 models. For example, find out which Four more changes to come. And a disappointment: Touch ID is still being made Jin’s return.

By the way, the iPhone 14 Pro camera has already been previously checked. Last month it was suggested that the product It gets a much clearer 48MP camera.

Finally, there are many rumors about the iPhone connection port. Some good things claim that the Lightning connection is being replaced by USB-C. Others say exactly that Communication port completely disappears. Whatever happens, it looks like change is coming anyway.

source: Mac rumors