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Facebook Takes Offline PVDA 'We Are One' Campaign Ad |  interior

Facebook Takes Offline PVDA ‘We Are One’ Campaign Ad | interior

Through the “We Are One” campaign, PVDA sells Belgian tricolor T-shirts and flags. Officially, this is to send a “strong signal of the unity of our country” in the run-up to the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games, but at the same time, this also strengthens the party’s position on a united Belgium. Facebook’s ‘We Are One’ didn’t say it was behind it, the social network has taken all ads for the campaign offline for now, VRTNWS reports.

On the website of ‘We Are One’, where PVDA sells Belgian tricolor T-shirts and mouth masks and distributes free flags in the run-up to the European Football Championships and Olympic Games, it is only mentioned below that the campaign was launched by the party. Anyone who then clicks on “About Us” will see this as well, along with a link to a PVDA webpage with ten statements about our country unit.

In addition, the party also placed ads for the Facebook web store, without mentioning that the “We Are One” campaign is in fact a political campaign, which is a violation of the social network’s rules. Therefore, Facebook has been holding ad messages offline for the time being, until the PVDA clarifies that as a political party it pays for the messages, VRTNWS reports.

Tom de Maestre, a Flemish MP for the PVDA, said in a response on public radio that the campaign had been verified with Facebook previously, and that other social media profiles of the campaign would from now on state that it was an initiative of the PVDA.

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