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Fanthornhout, coach of the national team: One medal in Tokyo would be great |  the Olympics

Fanthornhout, coach of the national team: One medal in Tokyo would be great | the Olympics

Together with Remco Evenepoel, Sven Vanthourenhout left for Tokyo on Saturday evening. The Belgian cyclists’ national coach cherishes medal hopes, just as Belgian cycling fans do, but he also remains realistic.

With leaders Remko Evenpoel and Wat van Aert, Belgium will have two large parks at the Olympics. “They will indeed be our forward men,” Sven Fanthornhout asserted before the trip to Japan.

“The splitting of roles has been decided by. Tessig Bennott, Maury Vancevenant and Greg Van Avermaet will be riding in support of Remco and Wout. It will take some time for the tour to finish to know exactly where everyone stands.”

“But in principle, pretty much everyone already knows what to expect. Also Greg Van Avermaet (Ruling Olympic Champion, editor). He’s willing to do his work for the team.”

The division of roles has already been defined. Remco Evenepoel and Wout van Aert will be our forward men.

Sven Fanthornhout

Wout van Aert has already shown on the Tour that his form is excellent. Does he still have an advantage over Evenbol? “I think the course of the match will determine who has the advantage,” Vanthornhout says. “We also have to be lucky.”

“I would be very happy if we could bring one medal. That would be great. I don’t care who wins that medal. I will be happy to be back when we work as a team and if everyone does their job as they should.”

“Tiesj Benoot? No problem with his level. He will be ready for the games. His withdrawal from the tour was also with the goal of Tokyo. So usually everything stays the same.”

Vanthourenhout: “More chance of winning a medal at the right time”

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