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Faroek Özgünes on the second day of De Pauw's trial: "He was moved when he spoke and praised the women" |  Bart de Pauw operation

Faroek Özgünes on the second day of De Pauw’s trial: “He was moved when he spoke and praised the women” | Bart de Pauw operation

According to Faroek Özgünes, De Pauw was emotional during his closing text and at one point started crying. “I am a person who tries to make people laugh, I did not want to hurt anyone,” he said. Di Bao even called the women “nice ladies” and wanted to say they wanted to see him. “I thought I had feelings and they were mutual, but that obviously wasn’t the case,” the TV producer said. He said he would have liked a chance to speak with the women, but still believed that some of them had distorted the truth.

Di Pauw also referred to his past. “When I was young, I had a lot of problems communicating with women. Suddenly I became famous and I no longer had to bother.” He also talked about “spectrum disorder” and the “countless therapy sessions” he’s attended before. The TV maker says he would like to know why, despite his stable relationship, he still seeks affection from other women.

In addition, Di Pau’s lawyers undermined all the statements of the women and mainly pointed out the so-called inconsistencies, lies and forgeries. “It caused a lot of turmoil and turmoil among the women in the room,” Faruk Ozgones said. The president even had to intervene when the room filled with boos and applause. “It was really hard to be in the room,” concludes the court journalist.

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