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Fast-forward ads on Belgian TV will become impossible from today – IT Pro – News

Today, a new advertising model is being rolled out to Belgian digital TV viewers. This will make it impossible in the future to provide fast commercial breaks while watching TV is delayed. From now on, registrations will be preceded by 1 minute of non-redirectable commercials.

Wilfrid Seles, Chairman of the Board of Directors Belgian Association of Audiovisual Medicinea, in VRT. To accommodate frustrated viewers, the function that lets you watch TV shows for seven days is also free.

Not everyone will notice the change right away. The change will take effect from today for a group of Telenet’s 230,000 customers. According to Celis, this is for Telenet customers with the latest generation of voice-controlled TV set-top boxes who received a message in August about the change. This will be followed by Proximus and Orange customers, but when exactly that has not been announced. This change, says Siles, is because broadcasters need an advertising model to support local program production.

early August Telenet was the first carrier to announce that it will use a new advertising model from the end of September and initially in VTM, VTM3, VTM3, VTM4, VTM GOLD, Play4, Play5, Play6 and Play7. At a later stage, other channels will follow, including One and Canvas.

Then Suggest Telenet The increased flow of advertising is putting investment in domestic production “under pressure”. Channel groups have reportedly recorded a decline in live TV viewership at the expense of broadcasting and TV viewing delays. In these cases, ads also flow faster, which makes TV advertising less interesting for brands.

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