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Felix van Groningen and Charlotte Vandermerch's film was well received in Cannes: 'Beautifully Filmed' |  Movie

Felix van Groningen and Charlotte Vandermerch’s film was well received in Cannes: ‘Beautifully Filmed’ | Movie

“It’s great to see our film come out like this,” Felix and Charlotte responded Wednesday night after the screening at the film festival in the French seaside resort. Le Otto Montagne is adapted from Paolo Cognetti’s bestselling book of the same name about childhood friendship over the years, and reactions to the adapted film have been largely positive. For example, Britain’s Guardian newspaper describes the print as “an ode to beauty and what it means to be human.” “Le Otto Montagne” was awarded five stars – the maximum.

Other media interact more accurately. The Hollywood Reporter, for example, wrote, “It is well shot visually, although the story is re-told very verbatim. The acting is good, the storytelling is fun, but the film never manages to reach the climax. So light that It doesn’t really impress you.” Variety also judges that the movie is a little different from the book, but he doesn’t see that as a downside. “This is a compelling, epic, intimate story about two friends,” the journalist concludes. The website’s deadline puts it more critically: “The cinematography is nice, but the story they’re trying to tell doesn’t turn out.”

“Le Otto Montagne” competes to win the Palme d’Or. It will be clear if that will happen next week.

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