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FIA rejects Haas F1 Team’s protest against USA GP decision –

FIA rejects Haas F1 Team’s protest against USA GP decision –

The Haas F1 team symbolically bit the sand after challenging the US GP’s decision in the so-called ‘Rite of Review’. However, the stewards and the FIA ​​overruled the US Racing Team’s objections.

According to the Haas F1 team, several drivers have breached the sixth track’s limits on numerous occasions without being penalised. According to the Guardians, there was not enough evidence, but the Haas F1 team called in ‘new evidence’ to challenge the race’s decision.

The Haas F1 team shared images from the cars, and Haas’ request confirmed that Red Bull, Aston Martin and Williams will also be present during the online meeting. Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll and Alex Albon were accused by the Haas F1 team of failing to respect the track limits at Turn 6 on multiple occasions.

Ultimately, however, the FIA ​​ruled that the investigation into the US GP’s decision would not be reopened. According to the FIA, the internal images provided by the Haas F1 team are not new and therefore not relevant.

Alex Alban’s images are said to be relevant, but because the camera is not properly placed in the sixth corner, not every violation can be detected with certainty. As for the internal images, the FIA ​​says the stewards already had these images by the time the decision was made.

Therefore, the final result is that the Haas F1 Team’s request is rejected and the USA GP decision is final.