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Fibe Trade gets more Kiwis from New Zealand

A still young company, Phibe Trade NV, was founded in 1973 by Mr. Founded by Nick Fitzett. Mr. Fissette Sr. is in overall management. He is assisted by his two sons, Tony and Ludo. 33-year-old Tony Fisset is in charge of kiwis, while Ludo New Zealand apples and pears are Mr R. Co-managed by Bells. The fruit from New Zealand is a mainstay of the fiber trade. In addition, a lot of fruits are imported from Turkey, mainly oranges, grapefruits and lemons. Chilean grapes, cherries and nectarines are also imported. In addition to imports, Phibe Trade exports Belgian fruit to neighboring West Germany and France.

Mr Tony Fisset with the new Kiwis

Address for New Zealand fruit

Mr Tony Fitzett

Phibe Trade is one of the main importers of kiwifruit from New Zealand. “We have 30% of the total supply and we will definitely maintain this percentage in the new season. Last season Belgium imported 780,000 pallets and this year this volume will increase to 1 million packages. It is estimated that 300,000 packages will be available. ..which means more sales for us. It’s necessary because in the past we always had to buy from our colleagues,” says Mr Tony Fisset. “On the first boat, the MS Ariaki Reefer, we had 25,000 packages and all of them were gone. Sales in Belgium are growing strongly as consumers become more familiar with kiwi fruit every year. Consumption is already significantly higher in Belgium. For example, the Netherlands with about 15 million people receives 800,000 pallets, At the same time Belgium, with about 10 million people, receives a million packages”.

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Mr Tony Fitzett

Office building with refreshments shop

Source: Scoop 25 – Volume 1 – June 12, 1987