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FIFA 22 shows its support for Ukraine and removes Russian national teams |  esports

FIFA 22 shows its support for Ukraine and removes Russian national teams | esports

“EA Sports stands behind the Ukrainian people, calling for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine,” EA said in a recent statement on Twitter. “In agreement with our partners FIFA and UEFA, we have started a process to remove the Russian national team and all Russian clubs from FIFA22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online.”

Until recently, it was possible to buy Russian and Belarusian players without any problems in FIFA Ultimate Team, a game mode in which you can create your dream team and play matches online. It remains unclear how EA Sports will compensate for the missing football players.

For now, only Russian athletes who play for one of their national clubs will be disqualified. Russian footballers with international contracts will remain in the game for the time being.

This isn’t the first time FIFA22 has removed players. Earlier this month, Dutchman and former footballer Marc Overmars was removed from FIFA Ultimate Team after serious allegations of misconduct.

It is not just about football. EA Sports is taking steps to remove Russian teams from its other titles, such as NHL22 ice hockey. Thus, the game developer follows the decision of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) to ban Russia and Belarus from future competitions.

The EA F1 2022 Formula 1 game will launch this summer. With Formula 1 canceling the Russian Grand Prix in September, there’s also a good chance that Russian drivers will be missing out on the game’s version. “We are currently in talks with the organization about plans for next year,” EA Sports said. “Whatever decision is made, we will follow through.”

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