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“FIFA 23 gets cross-play and two World Cups” |  News

“FIFA 23 gets cross-play and two World Cups” | News

written by Marvin Toebuil on

For the first time in the franchise’s history, it has become a crossover FIFA game. FIFA 23 will not be free to play.

That Tom Henderson reports from xfire Based on anonymous sources. Players on PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and PC can play against or against each other in Fifa 23, in all game modes.

Another big change is the addition of the Women’s World Cup. EA has reportedly obtained licenses for as many “major soccer divisions” as possible to properly represent men’s and women’s soccer.

Henderson also reports that Hypermotion technology, which we know from Fifa 22, is being improved. With this technology, the animations are based on real players, but the unique thing is that EA no longer needs Xsens hardware to track motion with the new Hypermotion technology. Developers can capture camera images from the stadium camera and thus “record” the animation on real players and in a real match.

There have been rumors that FIFA 23 will get a free-to-play model like eFootball, but Henderson says his sources give no reason to believe that.

This leak follows a frenzy within EA. last week Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has been in the news for claiming that the soccer organization Fifa is a potential obstacle to FIFA matches. Fifa 23 will be called that anyway, but EA may have to look for a new name for the soccer franchise next year.