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Fifth game for Coach ‘Monty’: “I’ll stay longer” | Games in Zeeland

MIDELBURGH – On Saturday, Oemoemenoe lost to the Oisterwijk Oysters in Praband. This will be the 50th game for the midfielders, led by coach Reveti ‘Monty’ Montgomery. The New Zealand coach joined the club in 2018 and will be thanked for the services provided after this season. “They say they want to go in a different direction,” says Monty.

Oemoemenoe had his back against the wall from 1 minute on Saturday, but did not get a score for a long time. Still, it was clear that Oisterwijk was going to win. They did it with 7-38. Daniel van der Waal scored only one try for the Middleburgers, after which Joey Lloydweiler shot in that change.


I had planned to bring the New Zealand players here without paying the club, but awful

Revetti Montgomery

Lloyd Wheeler (32) knew his coach was already enjoying his fiftieth game at the club. The veteran has played for O’Malley’s first team for sixteen years and has won many more tournaments. He has seen coaches come and go. “Mandy does not have the status of a former coach. I do not think he taught much to experienced comrades. “