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First Deventer Mini Library with Menstrual Items

Since this week, there has been a small library in Divender that, in addition to books, also has sanitary towels and tampons. These menstrual products are (sometimes) designed for women who cannot afford them.

The founder Rene Grave already had a mini-library where people could borrow, pick up or bring books on a shelf across the street. Grave: “I read it on the internet 1 in 10 women and girls (sometimes) have no money for pads or tampons. They have to use toilet paper, reuse used products or stay home from work, school, friends or family.

She was inspired by the Instagram page of Telshan College in Seoul, targeting women struggling with this stress problem. After Grave discovered that there were mini libraries that offered these health products in addition to books, he wanted to introduce this in Deventer as well.

Grave: “Your school, work or community life was stopped because they already call it ‘menstrual poverty.’ Remember that about eight years is a combined period in a woman’s life.

He continues: “Menstrual poverty is highly undesirable. I hope this low-initiative initiative can do something in our city. It’s crazy to have trouble buying menstrual products for a few hundred women in Deventer every month. “The‘ supply cabinet ’is located in front of Crave’s business center in Sloosstrat, between the center and the Nuteldorp district.

strike: “In the UK and New Zealand, the government donates these funds to high schools. Supermarket Chain Little conducts manual campaigns in a few Western countries. You can get tampons and sanitary towels with my mini library here through Rotary Clubs or the Poverty Fund.

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The mini library ‘de RAM’ is located at Sluisstraat 25. Grave created the specialty website Provide additional information.