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First Topless, Now Fully Naked: Britney Spears Is Released...

First Topless, Now Fully Naked: Britney Spears Is Released…

Britney Spears is enjoying a sunny vacation at a tropical resort with her fiancé Sam Asgari and treats her social media followers with some revealing photos. The singer posted several photos where she can be seen naked, her breasts and buttocks covered with a flower emoji.

Source: telegraph

Now that Britney is no longer under her father’s control, she’s celebrating her freedom. And she did it by sharing some pretty scandalous photos on Instagram. The singer herself actually let it be known that the photos were Photoshopped, resulting in a completely disfigured bathtub she’s in.

“Britney, you’re free and I totally understand you want to literally reveal yourself but a little photoshop course wouldn’t go wrong. That’s so obvious, it takes all the glory out of your moment,” one follower commented. Another says: “Whew.. it was really done badly. And why? It’s not necessary at all, you are beautiful the way you are. Enjoy your freedom and don’t worry about your body, we love you.”

Others are only happy: “You are free, do whatever you want!”. And: “I’m so happy to see you so happy and cheerful. You’ve got it!”

In another post, in which she posted a holiday video, Spears said she was still celebrating the judge’s ruling. She can be seen on a boat with Sam swimming topless in the Pacific Ocean. It is not known exactly where she is.

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