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Vijf vermiste honden na jaren teruggevonden, in de maag van een alligator

Five dogs missing years later, in stomach …

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The owner of the hound who disappeared 24 years ago knows what happened to his dog without a trace. Crocodile ate it. A copper collar was found in the predator’s stomach. Besides, among other things, four other dog tags, a bullet, a car ignition, and the remains of other animals.

After residents of a suburb of North Carolina, USA informed the local police sheriff that they had spotted a huge crocodile in a pond, hunter Ned McNeely was asked to hunt the animal.

A few days later he actually won an award. With some good-caliber shots also used in elephant hunting, he managed to eliminate the predator.

They are a little common in that area, but they’ve rarely seen a giant like this before. Its length is about four meters and weighs more than two hundred kilograms. Experts estimate that it was several decades old.

The animal was transported by tractor to Cordray’s, a meat market near Ravenal where both livestock and wildlife are slaughtered and / or processed.

Five dogs were found missing years later in a crocodile's stomach
Photo: by Cordray
Five dogs were found missing years later in a crocodile's stomach
I found some loot in the stomach
Photo: by Cordray

But an autopsy was done first, because they wanted to find out what the crocodile feeds on. And what they found defied any imagination. In the stomach there were five copper marks of dogs that were eaten by the animal. The owner information was still legible about the two of them. One of them, a fisherman, was shocked when the police called him. His hound disappeared near the lake where he killed the crocodile nearly 24 years ago. Suddenly the dog is gone. “I thought for a long time that he had been kidnapped,” the owner said. Other dogs have clearly been eating for years as well, since stomach acids have already affected the signs.

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Moreover, vehicle inflammation was found in the stomach, some turtle shells, claws or teeth of a lynx and a bullet shell. All things that have been in the stomach for a long time, research has shown, but which do not digest them.