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Five mistakes when using air conditioning in the car and how to do it |  the cars

Five mistakes when using air conditioning in the car and how to do it | the cars

Air conditioning is a great invention to keep the car cool, but many drivers use the system the wrong way. Here are the five most common errors (and solutions).

Nick Schenk and Eric Koenhoven

Last updated:
10-06-21, 12:44


Air conditioning is working overtime in the car this week. And that’s a good thing, because with a 35-degree temperature on board, the risk of accidents can increase, according to research from the past. Not only because the driver may become drowsy, but also because the response may be reduced. Motorists with air conditioning are likely to react cooler to traffic situations. They can focus better, experience less stress and a faster reaction time.

However, the air conditioner is not used in a good way by everyone. If you avoid the mistakes below, you’ll achieve the best results and keep your head (and the rest) cool.

1. Immediately turn on the air conditioning to the coldest place with maximum blowing force upon entry

It is preferable to open doors and windows for a minute before turning on the air conditioning. Through this simple process, the temperature can already be lowered significantly. Once the car is ventilated, you can enter, close the doors and windows, and turn on the air conditioner.

2. Keep “Air Recirculation” on

Immediately after entering, it may be useful to first run the internal recycling for a few minutes, as this will cool the interior faster. But then the system really has to go to the site with the outside air supply. This will allow the system to distribute the air flow more evenly and efficiently.

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3. Don’t turn on the air conditioner early in the morning because it will still be cold

In our country it can be cold in the morning in summer. However, it is often wise to turn on the air conditioner immediately. This prevents the windows from fogging up when the outside temperature starts to rise a bit.

4. Wrong alignment of the nozzles

“Let the temperature down a little, I feel nothing,” is a frequent comment from the car’s commuters in the summer. However, usually it is not about setting the temperature too high, but rather about the direction in which the cold air flows through the car. To achieve an even distribution of air flow, the vents should point upwards and not toward the faces of the occupants.

Through this simple process, the air flows well through the interior of the car and delivers the coolness to every passenger. In addition: the heat rises and for this reason alone it is wise to point the vents upward, so that the cooling takes place as quickly as possible.

5. No maintenance

Many air conditioning systems suffer from late maintenance. a Car brand like Seat It recommends replacing filters every 15,000 to 20,000 km to avoid poor performance. After a few years, it will also be necessary to increase the “refrigerant”. In addition, late maintenance and lack of cleaning can lead to the appearance of bacterial mold in the system and cause unpleasant odors in the car.

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