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Flooring manufacturer Interface launches a special collection for hospitality areas

Flooring manufacturer Interface launches a special collection for hospitality areas

The set includes 21 new modular designs that seamlessly complement the three LVT sets in the current set (Iridescence, Level Set® and Look Both Ways®). The designs open up new design possibilities for spaces to relax, work or eat. For kitchens and stairs, norament® 926, noraplan® line and noraplan® unita rubber floor coverings, as well as LVT and carpet tiles, provide low-maintenance solutions that fit in almost any room.

Unique and varied spaces

“This collection is inspired by a desire to celebrate unique and diverse spaces,” said Mandy Liming, Interface’s director of design. “Our design team explored culture and heritage and combined it with texture and color to create a collection that represented today’s customers. The adaptable flooring portfolio provides the flexibility and uniformity designers need to create the right space for their clients.”

The Hospitality Collection offers six inspiring color combinations:

– Serene and Pure are a neutral color palette;

– Allure has richer shades;

– Earth has colors inspired by nature;

Extravagance and liveliness are colors that are brighter and more adventurous.

Carpet tiles, LVT and nora® Latex are 100% CO2-neutral. click here For more information on Carbon Neutral Floors™.

The facade provides flooring solutions for offices, hospitals, schools, and now also spaces suitable for hospitality. Interface celebrated the company’s successes in risk-free tasks in 2019, such as reducing carbon dioxide2The footprint of carpet tiles averages 76%. Then Interface launched a climate recovery mission with the goal of reducing CO2 by 20402Being a negative company. look at me website From Interface for more information on the hospitality group, CO2Negative products and the company’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide2Reducing the footprint and the built environment.

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