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Former eco-building in Slachthuislaan makes way for play and sports areas - Antwerp News Agency

Former eco-building in Slachthuislaan makes way for play and sports areas – Antwerp News Agency


Antwerp – In Slachthuiswijk, demolition has begun on the main concrete structure of the former eco-building, on the corner of Slachthuislaan and Kalverstraat. This demolition is part of a large-scale redevelopment of part of the public space in that area. If all goes according to plan, it will start in February 2024.

The environmental building was previously used by veterinary training and the municipal environmental service. The large building has been vacant for years, leading to vandalism and other disturbances.

Demolition preparations began this spring. Now the actual demolition of the main concrete structure and basement of the building begins. This will take about eight weeks. The contractor then cleans for a few weeks.

The demolition of the eco-building is part of the redevelopment of public space in Slachthuiswijk. This neighborhood in northern Antwerp will become greener by retaining existing trees as much as possible, giving future trees plenty of room, and planting a different mix of shrubs, perennials, grasses, grasses, and flowers.

Low-traffic play, sports and meeting areas will connect the new and existing parts of the neighbourhood. In the future, Calveroy Park with play and sports areas will be built on the site of the eco-building (see simulation).

Annick De Ridder (N-VA), Urban Development Consultant: “The Slachthuis site is developing from a somewhat dead site in the north of the Antwerp area into a new area. The existing parts of the Antwerp Embankment are connected to these new parts through play, sports and meeting areas.

“Today we have really started this major qualitative redevelopment project with the demolition of the eco-building. This project of approximately 40,000 square meters of green public space will give a huge boost to this area.

If all goes according to plan, construction of the first part, the area around Kalverwei and the slaughterhouse halls, could begin in February 2024. Water-link started preparatory facility works at the beginning of October.

The contractor is taking a number of specific measures to minimize disruption to the adjacent primary school as much as possible. For example, he performs demolition work along the side of the school during the fall holidays, and exceptionally, the work is also performed on Saturdays.

The container wall, dustproof and protective fabrics provide additional protection for the school building. After fall break, the contractor must also consider school hours when organizing its transportation to reduce conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists, and freight transportation.

For example, it was agreed to avoid transportation in and out of the yard between 8:15am and 8:45am, between 3pm and 3:30pm, and on Wednesdays between 12:15pm and 12:45pm.

To make sure everything goes safely, the parking lot of the All-Inn Sports Hall has not been accessible since this week, because it has been used as a construction zone and the access road has been closed. The pedestrian walkway between Weilandstraat and Rupelstraat, via the sports hall, will remain accessible during the works. (EM / Simulation Sweco Belgium – Posad Maxwan – LOLA Landscape Architects)