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Former US Cardinal McCarrick is on trial for...

Former US Cardinal McCarrick is on trial for…

Former US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 91, is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy. The violation dates back to the 1970s Boston Globe.

The former cardinal is said to have abused the boy at a wedding in the 1970s, and McCarrick is said to have been a family friend and would have attended the suspected victim’s brother’s wedding. There, the former cardinal was said to have told him that they should “speak” because the boy had not come to church.

McCarrick has been charged several times in the past, but has always managed to escape prosecution. This is because things were old.

But this time, that kite doesn’t fly. In this case, prosecution is possible because McCarrick is not a resident of the state where the June 1974 violation allegedly occurred. The man is expected to appear in court on August 26. His attorney “looks forward to addressing this matter in court.” According to him, the victim was a friend of the former cardinal and the sexual assault is indisputable.

Three years ago, McCarrick lost his priestly status due to allegations of sexual abuse. The man in question said at the time that he had no recollection of the assault.

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