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Four ships full of grain left Ukraine |  Abroad

Four ships full of grain left Ukraine | Abroad

A convoy of four cargo ships filled with grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine left the ports of Chornomorsk and Odessa on Sunday morning. These are the ships Mustafa Negati, Star Helena, Glory and Riva Wind.

The Glory has 66,000 tons of corn on board and is sailing towards Istanbul. With 44,000 tons of corn, Riva wind goes to Iskenderun, Turkey. Star Helena carries 45,000 tons of flour to China, and the ship Mustafa Necati takes 6,000 tons of sunflower oil to Italy.

The ships arrived on Saturday and are able to carry goods due to the grain deal previously signed by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations. As of Monday, eight large tankers laden with grain had managed to leave Ukrainian ports en route to the Bosphorus and world markets.

Infrastructure Minister Alexander Kobrakov said the plan targets at least three to five ships per day in Ukrainian ports within two weeks. In the long run, 3 million tons of grain should be exported per month from the Black Sea ports. There are still about 20 million tons of grain from last year’s harvest in the country.

Bosphorus examination

According to the agreements, all ships will be checked by a joint team of the four participants in the agreement (Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and the United Nations). There should be no items on board that have not been agreed upon. This applies to cargo ships from Ukraine and to ships destined for Ukraine. The inspection will take place at the northern entrance to the Bosphorus. The Coordination Center for the Implementation of Conventions is located in Istanbul.

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