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Four swimmers found dead in Paraguay after horrific piranha attacks |  abroad

Four swimmers found dead in Paraguay after horrific piranha attacks | abroad

In Paraguay, a shock wave swept the country after the deaths of four swimmers who fell victim to aggressive piranhas. At least 20 other people were injured in a series of attacks.

In the South American country, people sought plenty of cooling in local rivers during the recent heat wave. On Sunday, the first person was killed when a 22-year-old man was bathing in the Paraguay River, south of the capital, Asuncion. The alarm went off when he suddenly disappeared under the water. His severely beaten body was found 45 minutes later.

And in the same river, a 49-year-old man was found dead after an attack by piranhas. He had been reported missing hours earlier and was found with severe facial bites. However, in this case, the authorities assume that the unfortunate man died of a heart attack and that he was subsequently attacked by piranhas.

Two other people were found lifeless with piranha bites all over their bodies in the Tebicuary River. There were more attacks in the Parana River in the southern province of Itapua, but fortunately there were no fatalities. At least 20 people were seriously injured.

breeding season

According to local media, the attacks mainly occur in warm weather when water levels are low and during the breeding season. Local authorities warn residents not to bathe in rivers during the breeding season, especially where there is a lot of vegetation – because this is where piranhas hide their eggs and protect their offspring.