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Fox News is dealing with the shooting of its show...

Fox News is dealing with the shooting of its show…

Grief and anger across Fox News after setting a Christmas tree in front of the office. The loss of ‘The Tree That Binds Us’ kept Trump’s promotional station busy for several days.

Fox News, the American news channel, has had turbulent days. A Christmas tree was set on fire in front of the editorial office at night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Arson immediately turned into an attack on Christmas and the American way of life.

Fox’s speech did not shy away from the drama. Usually we start this morning with our beautiful pictures All American Christmas Tree. But that will not happen today. The fire was lit last night. Fox and Friends. He then discussed how New York City had become unsafe, and lamented the loss of “universal attraction” and “the tree that connects us.”

Even Tucker Carlson, the station’s political commentator, argued that the incident should be treated as a hate crime. He described arson as an “attack on Christianity”. Then New York times Writing about a Christmas tree that was “on fire,” Fox responded as if he had been bitten by a snake. “They suggest we set the tree on fire ourselves,” Fox News said on its website.

Rebuild better

Homeless man Craig Tamanaha, 49, has been arrested for burning down the tree – actually a wooden cone building with lights and a top. He was released not long ago, but charges were brought against him. According to the British newspaper daily Mail The man has mental problems and a criminal record.

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Make Fox a point of honor to restore the tree. The ‘All American Christmas TreeIt should have lighted up the streets of New York quickly. Although the advertisement was a bit clumsy. A TV presenter promised to move the tree bigger and better. Before that, I used the phrase “Building Back Better,” which is also the name of President Joe Biden’s major investment project, one of the projects he irritates.

The magical moment when the Christmas lights came on again after two dark nights was broadcast live.