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Framework Shares CAD Files of Framework Laptop 16 – Computer – News

Your comparison doesn’t work either Framework also delivers direct to consumer, just like HP/Dell. The framework can approach the measurement problem in two ways:
#1 Run at a loss until enough are sold to cover R&D.
#2 Selling laptops with a gimmick that allows them to charge more money for the laptop.
Framework Computer chose both, because even with a gimmick, you can’t make laptops expensive enough.

The average consumer would be shocked that the xyz gimmick costs so much more, only the niche customer would really care about that.

Framework Computer’s entire business model is part of its revenue model. They serve a small niche willing to pay more for the xyz gimmick. This means that releasing these CAD files is part of this revenue model and therefore you pay FAT for it.

Framework Computer generated over $5.7 million in 2023 (between 1,900 and 5,700 laptops for all of 2023!), which certainly doesn’t cover its costs. They employ approximately 35 people, work/development buildings, prototypes and actual products… They’ve been around for 4 years now and have raised $36 million in investments over the past 2 years. Additionally, they started with $9 million, with other investments likely in the meantime (such as Linus’ investments).

@Luchtbakker Regardless of what you think, it actually turns out to be much more expensive. We see this not only in Framework, but also in Fairphone, for example.

Fairphone has been active for more than 11 years and in 2023 it generated over 58 million euros and made a loss of almost 21 million euros… Such models only cost money, with the hope that one day they will be successful. But more than 11 years later, the Fairphone still isn’t. As for the tire, I really wonder how long it will last in these economic times. Investors’ money has largely evaporated (even though they raised a significant amount of investments earlier this year). The framework was just after the economic downturn and was able to survive it for a long time, but lost approximately 21 million euros…

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