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Free beer – doctor and cars

Political parties will not be happy about this Calculation Made by Gupta strategists from sponsorship paragraphs in election manifestos. In particular, GroenLinks PvdA, Party for the Animals, SP and BBB (but also other parties in parts) have every reason to think twice.

If the majority health care plans are implemented in accordance with the health care provisions, health care spending will double. Not really a message you can use to show off as a political party during election times. Ultimately, doubling health care spending means a significant increase in health care premiums. Voters don’t care about this, no matter how justified they think it would be if healthcare workers were better rewarded, if the rebate were abolished, if nursing home capacity was increased, or if oral care for adults was included in the basic package.

“Growth in health care spending is down, and we’re no longer talking about cost-cutting.”

There appear to be no plans in the election manifestos that would lead to this minimum Growth in health care spending if policy remains unchanged, Gupta says. minimum So, growth (italics are for Gupta), we are no longer talking about cost cutting. Regarding this unchanged policy: In the area of ​​policy changes, the majority of parties indicate that they want more attention to prevention, a greater role for GPs and work to reduce administrative burdens for healthcare providers. They will not be able to obtain funding for the promised ideas without the insured being affected. Not to mention the fact that “desire” does not answer the question of how to put these desires into practice.

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At present, there is only one possible conclusion: free beer is expensive.