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Frick Brickman Will Stay With BVs On New Podcast Series

Frick Brickman Will Stay With BVs On New Podcast Series

VTM NEWS anchor Freek Braeckman stays overnight in BVs. He does this for a new podcast series in News City: Frank stays asleep.

Famous Flemish people rarely allow cameras into the intimate private sphere of their homes. However, Freek takes the lead and calls – just with a microphone and toothbrush at the ready – at the BVs with the question: “Can I stay the night?”. When the camera crew usually stays in front of closed doors, Freek ends up on the sofa or in the guest bed Nils DestadsbadrAnd Nora GharibAnd Helmut Lotte in a Wim Oberuk.

“Of course I don’t want cameras in my house either. But that’s the nice thing when I turn up, the doorbell rings without a camera crew, just with a microphone. This lets the listener in, but my host or hostess doesn’t feel like his or her privacy is being invaded. That’s a nice feeling.”

Freak Brickman

Frick settles on the sofa for an aperitif or slides his feet under the table for a delicious meal, but above all for a good, frank conversation. In this way he becomes the eyes, but mainly also the ears of the listener. For once, they hear what is happening behind the front door of a known host or hostess.

Does Nils Destadsbadr have any hidden culinary skills? What flies over his toilet? And why are the famous singer’s nine bands scattered around the house? What does Helmut Lottie hide in his garage? Hasn’t the most famous Flanders movie been around for a long time? Frick asks related, but sometimes lewd questions in a friendly atmosphere.

“I want to stay with them so I can have a good picture of them by morning. You often think you know these people, but they are so much more than we thought. Open-minded, biased by nature and curious. That’s how I am a guest.”

Freak Brickman

The podcast can be listened to from Wednesday 15 December via HLN.beand Spotify and Apple Music. A new episode releases every week.

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