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“From a regional manufacturer of picture frames to a global manufacturer of wall decor”

“From a regional manufacturer of picture frames to a global manufacturer of wall decor”

Ablo Blommaert was founded in 1964 by Anton Blommaert. Son Martin Blommaert has headed the company for 25 years, while his brother Renaud heads the production department. Over the years, the family business has evolved from a regional manufacturer of picture frames to a manufacturer of framed wall decorations exported outside of Europe.

Twice a year Ablo Blommaert presents a new collection of wall decor and photo frames. Designed and produced in our studio in Aalst. Each collection consists of trendy and accessible items as well as more exclusive items. Some customers are looking for limited editions. Or would you like a lithograph signed by the artist and accompanied by a certificate.

Martin and Reynaud Blommaert.

Handcrafted product with attention to detail
Each piece is handcrafted by a production team of eight people. They deliver a product with an eye for detail and perfection. All wall decors have a wooden frame and are framed with glass. We work with raw materials from European suppliers exclusively. The result is a high-quality product in a sturdy frame. The art print set and the frame proposed in the set can be customized upon customer request. This is also where the company differentiates itself from mass production. However, an average of approximately 1,000 pieces pass through the hands of the production team each week.

Sales network
Interior professionals from all over the world buy from Ablo Blommaert. They appreciate the style of the house with its special uniqueness and amazing quality. In addition to retailers and interior designers, restaurants or hotels come directly to us to decorate their business. The company mainly supplies to residential projects, but also to the hospital sector.

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Ablo Blommaert offers framed wall decorations that fit perfectly into contemporary and timeless interiors. Wall decoration is often the finishing touch for furnishings, adding an extra luxurious touch.

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