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Van een oude zolder naar een hippe kantoorruimte: 4 tips

From an old attic to a modern office space: 4 tips

It is possible that in the past you did not take into account that one day you will do office work at home. The world has changed drastically. One of the few spaces still available in many homes is the attic space. Are you also going to convert an attic space into an office space? Then be sure to read the four tips below.

#1 – Provide enough light

It is likely that the attic is currently just a dark room. This is not exactly a good work environment. So, make sure there are enough light spots and then check out how to get more natural daylight in the attic. It is recommended to install a niche. Daylight is essential to your mood and boosts your productivity. Moreover, the installation of a skylight is not expensive nowadays. Make sure your desk is well oriented so that the light falls sideways and doesn’t shine on your screen or in your eyes.

#2. Invest in a good desk

A good office space cannot do without a good desk. This is it Desk It provides enough space, but at the same time it is powerful and adapts to your needs. It is a good idea to choose a sitting desk, especially if you sit at your desk a lot. If you do not immediately plan to furnish built-in wardrobes, then choose a desk with one or more chests of drawers. This way you can lose some things instantly. Also a good idea: a desk with a cable duct or cable loop for neatly storing cables. In terms of materials, there are many options, ranging from glass over plywood to exclusive types of wood. The wooden table top provides a natural look and is popular with many people.

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#3 – Invest in a stable internet

One problem with attic space is that it is often the furthest point from the router. So you will have to make efforts to enjoy a stable and fast internet in the attic space. Ideally, you would simply make a branch and extend the internet cables into the attic space.

If this is not possible, there are other solutions as well. For example, you can set up a large WiFi network using multi-room routers or you can transmit the Internet signal via a powerline adapter. In the latter case, the Internet signal is sent to the attic through the power network. Perhaps the socket in the attic is located under a different power group. Then it is advisable to choose a transformer with automatic phase coupling.

#4. Get good insulation

If you haven’t used the attic space before, it’s likely that the attic floor, not the roof, is insulated. Now that you’ll actually be using the space, the ceiling needs to be insulated. Ceiling insulation is something you can do yourself. The way forward depends, among other things, on the chosen insulation material. On the Milieu Centraal website, everything is well explained and you will also find helpful step-by-step plans.

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