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From today, new EU roaming rules apply: What you need to know |  travel guide

From today, new EU roaming rules apply: What you need to know | travel guide

mining companyThe new roaming rules will soon apply in your holiday country, at least if you are going on holiday within the European Union. But don’t worry, they are usually all in your favour. My Telco It tells you what to expect.

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Since 2017, uniform rules for roaming have been introduced in the European Union. These ensure that if you browse or call abroad while on vacation and use local telecom operators, you will still pay for your Belgian package. On July 1, roaming rules will become more stringent. You, as a consumer, usually benefit from it and are even better protected from a high telecom bill while traveling.

What exactly will change?

From July 1, operators must first provide you with sufficient information if you are using Value-Added Communication Services abroad. You can use this if you call, for example, the service numbers of insurance companies, some “toll-free” or airline customer services at your vacation resort. Something is certainly not exceptional, if, for example, the airline strikes and calls you outside for information about the exact departure time. However, for these exceptions, you usually get a “special rate” per minute, which increases your telecom bill.

It also seems that some “toll-free numbers” are not free at all abroad, and are simply charged extra. Going forward, operators can still charge for these exceptions. But from now on, they should tell you much better about those potential additional costs than they used to. This means that from 1 July you will receive an additional detailed text message on your smartphone when you cross the border from Belgium to another country. In addition, the SMS should link to a specific webpage with more information about those special services and phone numbers.

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And what about the Internet?

Even if you use mobile internet at your holiday resort in the EU, something is changing. So now, you’ll receive a warning outside before you exceed your package limit. The use of the mobile Internet stops even if your additional costs exceed 60 euros. You can remove this protection, so you can continue browsing. But from July 1, a second limit will be introduced: 121 euros.

If you have raised the €60 protection, your mobile connection will remain disconnected if you have exceeded the €121 amount. From now on, this will also happen if you are on a cruise, for example, and your smartphone accidentally turns into an expensive satellite network. From now on, this connection will also be automatically terminated if additional costs reach 121 euros.

Beware outside the European Union!

If you are traveling to countries outside the European Union, such as Switzerland, normal roaming rates will apply. So make sure that your smartphone does not automatically switch to a Swiss network, otherwise you will receive a high communication bill on your bus! So it is better to turn off the 4G connection and put your smartphone in airplane mode and only work with WiFi. The same applies if you go on vacation on a cruise ship or plane. Also, pay close attention to the border area with Monaco, Andorra, or non-EU islands such as Jersey.

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