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Galaxy A smartphones with Samsung’s best-selling points

Galaxy A smartphones with Samsung’s best-selling points

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy A phone? you’re not the only one. In 2021, devices accounted for 58 percent of Samsung’s total sales.

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Samsung Galaxy A sales are booming

South Korean Samsung It is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world for quite some time now. The company makes dozens of different phones, including the best devices like Galaxy S22 Ultra And the Galaxy Z Fold 3† However, Samsung’s biggest source of income comes in the form of affordable smartphones: the Galaxy A series.

At least 59 percent of Samsung smartphones sold in the last quarter of 2021 were Galaxy A models. This is evident from the numbers from Samsungs Global phone model sales tracker† The middle group accounted for 56 percent of sales in the first quarter, 60 percent in the second quarter, and 57 percent in the third. So it is clear that the demand for affordable Samsung smartphones is huge.

Samsung Galaxy A52s

The numbers are in line with a previous report by the Bureau of Research, which shows that Samsung Galaxy A12 It was the best selling Android phone in the world in 2021. The device accounted for 2 percent of total smartphone sales last year. The Galaxy A12 is one of the cheapest Galaxy A models.

New Galaxy A smartphones coming on March 17th

With the good sales numbers in mind, it is no surprise that Samsung will soon come up with new Galaxy A smartphones. The manufacturer is holding an event on March 17, dedicated entirely to the mid-range series. From 3 pm Dutch time The digital detection can be viewed via live broadcast. We expect, among other things, Galaxy A53 And the Galaxy A33 to go see.

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Samsung Galaxy A . event

Some new Galaxy A smartphones have already been officially introduced, including affordable phones Samsung Galaxy A13 And the Galaxy A23† We expect Samsung to focus on the stronger half of the Galaxy A series during the event. The absolute top of the string A must be Samsung Galaxy A73 Become. It will support most devices in the new series 5G networkthey run Android 12 As well as getting years of software updates.

There is no doubt that the new Samsung Galaxy A smartphones will sell well again. Will you be watching the event live? Let us know in the comments below this article which device you are most looking forward to.

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