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Genk Communications Agency is looking for people with new motivations

Genk Communications Agency is looking for people with new motivations

Things are moving fast for Genk’s Impuls Communicatie (C-Mine Crib). Nine months after Jurgen Beckers and Luke Valfkens took over the management, the creative agency is looking for 6 new people. “We have to rearrange our desks to make room for additional colleagues,” says Jürgen Bueckers.

Impuls Communicatie is still known to many by its founder Dirk Houben, who decided to pass the torch in 2023 after 43 years. Loyal employees Jurgen Beckers and Luke Valfkens have joined the bandwagon to take over management. With success, because the wind is blowing in Impuls’ sails.

“We took the time to add some of our own accents,” Bueckers says. “We have made clear choices, especially regarding our client profile. We are happy to make our expertise available to organizations that provide added social value. There are also many government agencies. They use a working style that suits our agency well. This means respecting mutual growth and concluding long-term partnerships A good example of this is the Vlaamse Waterweg project, which we have worked on for many years.

The strategy does no harm to motivation. “We have many new clients and benefit from the growth of our existing clients,” says Bueckers. “Add to this the growing demand for new forms of marketing and communication, such as social media or short video content, and you immediately know that the team needs to be strengthened. We are currently looking for 6 new people (including some replacements) for various tasks.” This is a lot for For a company of 20 colleagues. In any case, we have the wind in our sails,” concludes the CEO promisingly.

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