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Genk explains the purpose of the buttons

Genk explains the purpose of the buttons

How many buttons and functions on your dishwasher, microwave, or air fryer are never used? Even in professional kitchens, many high-tech applications remain underutilized. Kitchen tool creator Rational wants to put an end to this and has engaged Genk Mobietrain to provide practical yet fun guides via an app.

MobieTrain was introduced at HorecaExpo as Rational’s new partner. The former Limburg Startup of the Year will develop a number of “microlearning” that will make the smart functions of kitchen appliances accessible to 65,000 professional end users.

“We have noticed that the smart functions of the appliances are not discussed much in chef training courses,” says Thomas Fontaine of Rational. “Consequently, the numerous options are not used enough, even though they greatly simplify the process in a large kitchen. This is like, on “For example, a computer, where you don’t know all the buttons and programs, and a lot of efficiency gains are lost.”

LRM Share MobieTrain, which has already been named HR Tech of the Year 3 times, was asked to develop free and unlimited training so users can master all hardware options. In the app they will find “game-based mini-instructions” where functions are explained in a fun and intuitive way. All professionals, from chip shop operators to chefs in three-star restaurants, will be able to follow the training courses.

Finally, Genk MobieTrain (founded in 2015 by CEO Guy van Neck, Meryl van Hemert Schilling, and Willy van Boven) will also develop modules to train internal employees at Rational and introduce newcomers to the company.

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