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Genk’s growth company moves to Spain

Genk’s growth company moves to Spain

Hamster Cleaning, a company from Genk that cleans air ducts, will open its own branch in Spain. Manager Seppe Thys made the announcement at the Hamster’s 10th anniversary celebration.

Hamster Cleaning Company was started in April 2014 and specializes in air duct inspection and cleaning. “That focus remains exactly the same today,” says Tess. “Almost all of our customers had performed standard air unit and filter maintenance before visiting us, but the ducts were literally and figuratively ignored. We stress the importance of this.”

A choice that paid off for the company. “We have come a long way over the past decade and want to continue our international growth,” says director Sippy Theis. “After previously opening branches in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Bulgaria, Spain will be the next country in the group. For this entity, as in all other countries, its own director will be appointed.”

If all the employees in the different departments are combined, Hamster Cleaning now has 50 employees. Of these, 30 employees work in Belgium, from the head office in Genk, where the story began 10 years ago. To celebrate, 120 customers and VIPs were invited to the KRC Genk Stadium on Thursday evening. On that occasion, Seppe Theis and his partner Luc Vandeweer presented a check for €5,000 to De Sfeer from Genk, a non-profit organization that helps the homeless, unemployed or lonely.