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Gentenar Gianni (20 years old) writes history: Muay Thai world champion, having also won this title among youth and amateurs |  Ghent

Gentenar Gianni (20 years old) writes history: Muay Thai world champion, having also won this title among youth and amateurs | Ghent

GhentWhat Ghent’s Gianny De Leu achieved yesterday in Abu Dhabi, no one else has done before. He became the Muaythai World Champion, better known as Thaiboks, thus being the first to win this championship title among youth, amateur and elite. Moreover, he only got injured once in his last match against Kazakhstan.

His teammates are over the moon, and they are already plotting nefarious plans for a big reception in Ghent, worthy of the world championship. Because they think he deserves it after what he accomplished in Abu Dhabi. Gianni has fought four matches there since last weekend, in the race for the world championship. The Thai boxers from Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey fought successively, and finally the final match against Kazakhstan. He knocked out the opponent from Saudi Arabia, in all the other matches he played three rounds, and he was the best in each round. In fact, he was barely injured. Only in the final, against Kazakhstan, he received a big blow in the eye. That will be clearly visible when he lands at Zaventem.

Muay Thai is an area where almost everything is allowed, including hitting and kicking with the elbows and knees. Gianni has been practicing the sport since he was six, having had his first competition when he was ten. His siblings are also ardent Thai boxers, but no one can reach the level of world champion Gianni. He is fighting because there is hardly any support for the sport in Belgium. So Gianni works full time, as a welder, and also trains six evenings out of seven. He usually does this at the Sandu Gym in Ninove, but sometimes also at his brother’s club: Mahanakhon in Sint-Amandsberg. He never came out, one day he didn’t train, he let his body rest. And that pays off, it turns out, because this young Gentenaar actually won the world title with the youth in 2019, with the amateur in 2021, and now also with the elite in the -54K class. In addition to his gold medal, Gianni also received the “Rising Star” award yesterday.

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Gianni’s match can be re-watched via this linkHis camp starts at 3:25:00. Medal Ceremony starts at 4:30:00 /

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