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Gerben Thijssen changes his plans: the runner turns the focus to the Tour de France

Gerben Thijssen changes his plans: the runner turns the focus to the Tour de France

Monday, April 15, 2024 at 4:58 pm

Gerben Thijssen will not make his debut in the Giro d'Italia this year. The Belgian athlete has his sights set this season La corsa rosa, but after his crash in Scheldeprijs and subsequent rehabilitation, he decided to change his plans. Thijssen is now preparing for his first Tour de France.

Thijssen is no longer bothered by the partially torn ligaments he suffered in his ankle two weeks ago during a fall in Scheldeprijs. The Intermarché-Wanty runner has now resumed training and is preparing for his return to competition in May. He will wear the jersey number again on May 5 on the Eleven Cities Tour.

And the Giro d'Italia? Due to disruption to preparations, his Italian Tour debut will be postponed for at least another year. The 25-year-old Thijsen will turn his focus to making his Tour de France debut, which starts on June 29 in Florence.

“Our choice not to go to the Tour of Italy was a huge disappointment, because I had been looking forward to my debut in this big Tour for a long time. But this was the best decision for the remainder of my season,” Theissen said in a press release. “My new program gives me enough time.” To fully recover and rebuild.”

Childhood dream
“It also gives me renewed motivation, because many running opportunities await me in May and June. In competitions I succeeded last year such as the Tour of Limburg. After that, my first participation in the Tour de France gave me the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream. This is a reward for my efforts and for everyone who helped me in My development is an incredible motivating factor.”

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