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German dhow transporting 34 refugees in the Mediterranean |  Abroad

German dhow transporting 34 refugees in the Mediterranean | Abroad

A dhow registered in Germany picked up 34 migrants in the Mediterranean. ResQship reported on Twitter on Tuesday that the rescue mission is now awaiting assistance from the Maltese or Italian Coast Guard. Among the rescued refugees were 15 children and a pregnant woman.

Conditions on the boat, which is 19 meters long, are “perilous” because the nadir is mainly for observation and usually calls on other ships to provide primary care for the refugees.
The group had been on the Nader for more than 30 hours, having been adrift for 24 hours in the small boats they were rescued from. Many of them were hypothermic.

In addition, bad weather is expected, which makes the situation on board even more alarming.

Malta refuses to provide assistance, despite the two boats drifting in the Maltese search and rescue area. The European Union member state indicates that Nader flies under the German flag. On the other hand, Italy refers to Malta, although the nearest safe port is on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

At the same time, Sea-Watch 3, a ship of the Berlin relief organization Sea-Watch, is still waiting for a proposal to go ashore. There are more than 400 people on board the rescue ship Sea-Watch.