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German Green Party wants coalition with SPD and FDP |  Abroad

German Green Party wants coalition with SPD and FDP | Abroad

Germany’s Green Party wants to start formal talks with the center-left Social Democrats and the Free Democratic Party to form a coalition government. Co-Chair Analina Barbock announced this on Wednesday in Berlin.

“We came to the conclusion that it makes sense to continue discussions with SPD and FPD,” Barbock said. According to her, the potential similarities are greater with the FDP and SPD than with the CDU/CSU Christian Democrats.

Since the election, both the SPD and CDU/CSU have tried to entice the two smaller parties to form a coalition. The Green Party’s preference for so-called “exploratory coalition talks” with the SPD is an important step toward forming a government. “That’s what we’re proposing to the FDP,” Barbock said.

Co-chair Robert Habeck added that the proposal was not a cancellation of possible later negotiations with CDU and CSU. There is also no response from the FDP to the Green Party’s calls.

In the German parliamentary elections on September 26, the Social Democratic Party won 25.7 percent of the vote. The union made up of CDU and CSU gained 24.1 percent. The Greens are the third largest party in the Bundestag with 14.8 percent. FDP gained 11.5%.