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Germany and Ukraine block Russian communications on civilian atrocities

Germany and Ukraine block Russian communications on civilian atrocities

In Germany, it was the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) who over the radio heard Russian soldiers discussing the atrocities they wanted to commit against civilians. That Der Spiegel reports. Potja was probably occupied by Russian forces, who committed a massacre. Pictures of dead civilians on the streets spread around the world last weekend and international horror

According to the BND, Russian forces discussed how to first interrogate soldiers and civilians and then shoot them. On the basis of communications, it is possible that even a small number of dead civilians can be identified. For example, some soldiers discussed how he shot a person from his bike. Photos from Boetsja actually show someone who was shot while riding a bike. However, it is not currently certain whether it was actually the same person.

two conversations

The Germans are said to have intercepted two conversations in total and also have satellite imagery showing the involvement of Russian forces in the killing of civilians in Potia. These images can also provide insight into the atrocities committed in other cities north of Kyiv, which were in the hands of the Russians.

Photo by Boetsya. A man lying dead next to his bike.Reuters photo

The Russians deny any involvement in the Bucha massacre. They say it only happened after their troops left and describe the story as a “hoax”. that was Satellite images and screenshots However expose. Therefore, according to the German Federal Intelligence Service, Russian soldiers were also involved in the massacre and it was not related to random killings. A clear strategy could have been followed.

It is not clear exactly how the Germans were able to intercept the Russian talks. Earlier, it appeared that Russian forces were using unsafe means of communication, including smartphones, because their high-tech communications network in Ukraine was not working.

‘Kill them all’

It is also said that the Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) intercepted radio communications from the Russian occupier and the civilians are said to have not surrendered, contrary to what Russia claims. “Kill them all, damn it! Civilians, everyone, kill them all!” can be heard in an audio clip shared by SSU on Tuesday. A Russian commander was said to have addressed his unit during the siege of the port city of Mariupol, where he also bombed a maternity hospital.

On the same audio clip, you can hear how the Russians complain about a larger number of Ukrainian troops. According to the SSU, they will use unrealistic numbers out of fear and justify their losses. “Their group, 150,000 … and we, when we are 3,000, that will be a lot … They are left, right, they surround us.”

null Image Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency’s photo

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