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Germany only vaccines people over 60 with AstraZeneca

From tomorrow, Germany will only administer the astrogenic vaccine to people over the age of sixty. The exception is for those under the age of 60 who have medical symptoms and who have decided in consultation with their doctor to inject anyway.

The country does this after consultation with the vaccination committee. The reason behind the consultation is that in very rare cases, the most exceptional thrombosis has occurred after being shot with the astrogenic vaccine, which may have been induced by the vaccine. In Germany, 31 people have been affected.

Nine people died, seven of them women between the ages of 20 and 63. This leads to the suspicion that younger women in particular are at higher risk. In Germany, nearly 3 million people have been vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

The German media is talking about the catastrophic loss of confidence in the vaccine from the British-Swedish company. Previously, the use was suspended, as in many countries, including the Netherlands. This happened because of a blood clot after the vaccination. Deaths have also been reported after administration of the vaccine, after which it is necessary to investigate whether there is a link to the vaccine.

The Netherlands did not adjust the age limit

The European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) has repeatedly advised people to continue vaccinating with AstraZeneca. The side effect in question is very rare, the risk does not outweigh the benefits of the vaccine, According to EMA. The Netherlands, then, decided to restart the injection.

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At present, the Netherlands find no reason to adjust the age limit. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports told ANP News that people under the age of 60 can be vaccinated with the Astrogenega vaccine. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports says it trusts experts from the Drugs Assessment Board (MEB) and the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA). They say the vaccine is safe. A ministry spokesman said no new developments had been made since then.

Canada set the age limit yesterday. It is now At 55. In Denmark, the scheduled break was extended by three weeks last week. In Spain they maintain the use of the vaccine for young people. The age limit there was 65, but now it has expired. People over the age of 65 can also be vaccinated.