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Germany will not prosecute US-assigned camp guard (95)  Now

Germany will not prosecute US-assigned camp guard (95) Now

German prosecutors have decided not to prosecute former concentration camp guard Friedrich Karl B because there is not enough evidence to bring him to court. The 95-year-old was extradited from the United States to Germany last month.


The German has lived in the United States since 1959. He was there last year The Washington Post About his planned deportation. B. that he served only a short time in the camp and that he did not carry a weapon. “It’s ridiculous to do this after 75 years,” he said.

In recent years, the old ex-camp guards have had to appear in a German court several times. Authorities have seen the best chance of bringing them to justice since John Demjanjuk was convicted in 2011 and sentenced to life in prison for complicity in the killing of at least 28,000 people when he was proven to be a camp guard in Sophie. Until this verdict, it was considered necessary to establish personal indictment for Nazi crimes.

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