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Gert Dweck, Anderlecht's savior who doesn't shy away from billions of deals |  Jupiler Pro League

Gert Dweck, Anderlecht’s savior who doesn’t shy away from billions of deals | Jupiler Pro League

Anderlecht has had some breathing room financially again, thanks to an infusion of capital from Wouter Vandenhaute and Geert Duyck. Who was the West Flemish benefactor who threw a purple and white lifebuoy into the water?

Anderlecht’s accounts have turned red in recent seasons: in two seasons, disappointing sports results led to a net loss of 63 million euros. The purple and white piggy bank was smashed to keep its head above the water.

But to save Anderlecht from drowning, a lifebuoy was needed. They are now throwing Mark Cook, Water Vandenhout, and Geert Dweck into the water, among others.

Major shareholder Mark Cook has canceled €51m of debt, and chairman Wouter Vandenhout and his business partner Geert Dweck have injected €24m of new capital into the club.

Chief Wouter Vandenhaute opened his wallet.

A name like the clock in the business world

Striking: Anderlecht was rescued by the duo that Koke outplayed in 2017. Vandenhout and Dweck then made an offer together for club Brussels, but they just went unsuccessful. Now the competitors are uniting.

Geert Dweik may not be a big name in the football world, but he has a name that is like clockwork in the business world. As a managing partner of CVC Capital Belgium, one of the largest investment funds, he is a solid entrepreneur.

Throughout his years at CVC, Duyck has been involved in several multi-billion dollar deals, such as Mister Minit, Starbev (formerly AB Inbev), and BPost. So the West Flemish commercial engineer knows how to handle things.

Together with Wouter Vandenhout, he founded the Mauvavie vehicle – literally: purple and white for life – to pump 24 million euros into Anderlecht. It gives them 25 percent of the purple and white stock. Stephen Boyes, Duyck’s right-hand man at CVC, is also investing $5 million in the club.

It is not Duyck’s first investment in the Brussels business. For example, he supports Toekomstatelier, a project for disadvantaged youth in the capital, and is a contributor to gueuze brewer 3 Fonteinen.

Gert Dweck in 2009.

A major player in the sports world

Geert Dweck is now investing his own money in Anderlecht, but through CVC has already become firmly established in the international sports world in recent years with a few hundred million euros in investments in volleyball and the famous Six Nations Rugby.

CVC was also the main shareholder in Formula 1 until 2016 and recently – to the chagrin of Real Madrid – CVC signed a deal with Spain’s Profliga to acquire 10 per cent of La Liga shares over the next 50 years for €2.7 billion. .

A few years ago, Vandenhaute actually teamed up with CVC in an effort to persuade Tour organizer ASO, among others, to join a revolutionary new bike model.

Pending internal review

The light is not quite green yet for Anderlecht’s rescue plan. First, the internal audit should lead to a new business plan, which must then be approved by the board of directors and shareholders.

Sports Director Peter Verbeke will ensure that the internal audit runs smoothly. CEO Jos Donville, who took over from Karel Van Eetvelt seven months ago, tendered his resignation yesterday.

Capital injection in Anderlecht:

  • Wouter Vandenhout and Geert Dweck: 24 million
  • Mark Cook: 11 million
  • Stephen Boyz: 5 million
  • Contributors B: 2 million
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