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Gert Verheen: "Club Brugge can make a strong statement in the Union-Berchot case" |  extra time

Gert Verheen: “Club Brugge can make a strong statement in the Union-Berchot case” | extra time

Discuss overtime broadly over the weekend for national and international football. The summit was reviewed in England, with the starring role of Kevin De Bruyne, and Union-Beerschot and the consequences of that match were also discussed. Overview.

Questions for Kevin De Bruyne

  • Did you play your best match of the season against Liverpool? “One of, yeah”
  • Do you like playing against Liverpool? Yes, these are always fun matches.
  • Have you had more assists this season if City played with a real number 9? “yes”
  • Is winning the Champions League a healthy obsession? “almost”
  • Do you see a national coach in Pep Guardiola? “no”
  • Is your ankle okay? “Yes, everything is fine.”
  • Do you like the World Cup in November as much as the World Cup in the summer? “Yes, by itself”
  • Is the national team with the best goalkeeper and midfielder in the world the favorite for the World Cup anyway? “no”
  • Will you try to talk to Romelu Lukaku if he wants to quit the role of the Red Devil after the World Cup? “no”
  • Can Racing Genk hope to get you back one day? “I would say no”

Joos: “De Bruyne is the best in the world”

Kevin De Bruyne He was unparalleled against Liverpool on Sunday. Have we seen the best De Bruyne in a long time? “Yeah, it was great,” says Frankie van der Elst. “It took a while to qualify, but against Liverpool he was absolutely world class. The way he plays football, he is in the best position in the world.”

“Those passes keep coming, no matter how hard. They always come in the right place, at the right speed.”

Wesley Sonck: “It’s actually a penalty if the ball doesn’t hit. It’s also a punishment for how fast he goes with the ball in his foot.”

“It was thanks to Liverpool too,” adds Philip Goss. “You have to say that. There was space. Sometimes he is a victim of the fact that he plays in a very good team, I still think about that. If he has space, I think he is the best midfielder in the world.”

Verhein changed: “The great thing about De Bruyne is that as a spectator you also get surprised with a pass. Especially if you play football yourself. He sees things that we don’t even see from the stands.”

Will City become a champion? “Yes, I think so,” Verheen thought. “They have a little more than Liverpool. Sometimes they remember the best Barcelona and sometimes it’s boring. They are very good.”

The great thing about De Bruyne is that you as a spectator are also surprised by the pass. Especially if you have played soccer yourself. He sees things we don’t even see from the stands.

changed verheen

Verheyen: ‘The club can make a strong statement’

The Extra Time board also returned to supporters of Beerschot, who put on an embarrassing show in Duden Park. What now?

Philip Goss: “It really hurts, for the umpteenth time already. You can penalize Berchot with a points deduction, but at the moment that doesn’t have any effect anymore.”

Wesley Sonck: “It’s a shame it just happened at Union, where fans cheer when an opponent does something right, like that ball on the Shankland crossbar.” (See: video below)

Does the game still have to be played? “No, it’s not possible,” Wesley Sonic says. “Then the players start the game over and that’s not the same.”

Three more points of union then? “Whatever you decide, it’s not good for anyone anyway.”

Verhein changed: “Should the clubs be unable to take tougher action against their fans, this is the only way to solve this problem. I made a acquaintance with a Berchut fan from VTM Blind Married. Then he had to sit on the bench sleeping and on the pitch taking care of “Umbra”.

The strongest statement can now come from Club Brugge, saying: “Give Union the three points”. But is this realistic?

Van der Elst: “I just hope that all the clubs accept what they decide.”

Joos: “The strongest thing is not to react after the decision. Because I don’t think they can do anything proactive in the Club.”

Whatever you decide, it’s not good for anyone anyway.

Wesley Sonic

Sonic: “Shankland is close to goal of the year”

New section? “Check out the week”

Keek op de Week isn’t overtime anymore, so Wesley Sonck has come up with a new suggestion: Control of the Week.

That tour came as STVV’s Hara. “It is not surprising that the Japanese are doing well in Belgium. The communication is a little difficult at first, but they always do it and they are very conscious.”

“I also knew a little and they all had a high mindset.”

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